Our Projects

Our projects page is a showcase of multi-faceted energy studies. We've compiled data into a variety of formats, from short facts sheets about specific countries and infrastructure networks to longer analytical pieces. If you're looking for visuals, please browse our oil and gas pipeline maps or infographics, all created in house. Currently under construction is a searchable database of bibliographic information. Enjoy!

Energy Fact Sheets

Energy Fact Sheets are detailed documents that describe current energy issues in specific countries. In addition to handy statistics drawn from reliable sources, our Fact Sheets elaborate on economic trends and energy legislation.

Energy Analyses

Energy Analyses are brief research documents on single issues concerning energy. They cover bilateral or multilateral relations between countries or country-specific policy issues mainly shaped by the energy component.


In this section you will find maps of existing and planned energy infrastructures (pipelines, power plants, solar and wind farms), created in-house referencing the most up-to-date information available.

Scientific Library

The Scientific Library is a collection of original articles and books on energy