Our Mission

Energy Brains is a web platform put together by experts, academics and practitioners who endeavor to study energy with a multidisciplinary approach. We emphasize the need not only to identify the actors at play in energy-related matters, but to examine their influence in all academic and political spheres. The complexity of the global energy sector demands a specific and yet comprehensive investigation.

Applying this innovative methodology, Energy Brains produces high-quality, multifaceted studies useful to students and researchers in their academic endeavors, and also members of the international energy community, policy-makers, and public and private stakeholders in deepening their knowledge and understanding of this field.

Who We Are

Chief Editor

Paolo Sorbello is an experienced researcher in post-Soviet energy politics and a journalist for Italian, British, and Central Asian news sources. He has published academic pieces dealing with different aspects of the concept of energy. Follow him on Twitter @PaoloBottleneck

Project Manager

Elvira Oliva is an energy analyst with international experience who regularly contributes to think tanks and sector journals. Her research interests include energy politics, economics and legislation, with a particular focus on the relations between the EU and its Eastern partners. Follow her on Twitter @ElviraOliva

PR Manager

Eleonora Fuser is an international political analyst focusing on NATO energy security and Russian foreign policy. She has substantial experience in the field of public affairs, communication and social media management. Follow her on Twitter @EleFuser

Graphic & Web Designer

Erica Theis is a graphic designer specializing in web design, branding, infographics and illustration. See more of her work at www.ericatheis.com